More and more we see critical voices being deplatformed from social media networks. Conservative media personalities talk about the government needed to engage and act. But this is a bad idea.

Let’s begin with realizing the facts. Now social media companies are actively censoring we see a drastic decline in their popularity. Facebook traffic is down by 40%. Slowly on we see that the social media alternatives are gearing up.

When we have the government managing accessibility to social networks we will see even more censorship when socialists take over control. When bureaucrats are deciding if certain voices are allowed then we know for certain that freedom of speech will heavily be reduced. Since when are government bureaucrats working with whistleblowers or allowing critical voices?

First of all, we need to realize that there is no free market when it comes to social media. The market is heavily regulated. Government interactions, search warrants. All engage ongoingly on social media. Just remember that the SEC allows tweets as official company statements.

It is obvious that the governments are not owning the social networks. but with fines, laws and regulation are they creating a fascistic state and censorship model.

A prime example of this is the definition of the large social media networks. They are not the content producer. They are working under several special benefits. Benefits which include that they are not responsible for the content on their platform.

Next to this is Facebook a prime example of what’s wrong with big tech. The social media giant partners with government-sponsored think tanks and lobby groups to define and decide which content is allowed and which not.

Now it is time to talk into more suggestions. Email marketing, newsletters, podcasts are relatively new innovations. They allow and facilitate the spread of risk and to make money for a living online.

The real solution is a relatively easy one. As the government is offering the biggest obstacle to new tech startups. Startups and scale-ups which could become a big tech.

To really support free speech it is important we are all realizing that it is the government. Let’s get the government out of social media and we see the beginning of the solution.

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