Did Facebook break any state of Federal antitrust regulation in the United States? This is the question that is being investigated by the New York (State) Attorney General and 47 other lawyers from across the USA.

The claims are serious. Not sufficient data protection of consumer data and limiting consumer choices. This is the official claim. But is there more behind it?

It is not the first antitrust investigation against Facebook. The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is also doing an investigation over Facebook privacy statement. The FTC already announced a 5 Billion US fine.

But the probe is not only against Facebook. It is expected that the rivals Amazon, Google and Apple will face the same.

So what is behind it? It could be that there are serious privacy concerns. But since when does the government care about privacy? They do everything to get as much data from you as possible. Why do governments need to know who travels by train?

The opportunities to target your target audience are something that makes advertising a lot more rewarding. You can target people who are interested in things gays, Jews, Christians or teenagers prefer. So less waste.

I have no problem with targetted advertising. It is around my interest. Why should I worry about those firms? I have the choice of not using the equipment or services from those businesses. I care about the government. Let me give you an example of why I fear the government more.

No one is talking about data breaches within government operations. No one talks about the targetting of certain groups by tax and other regulations. This could be because you have the wrong political opinion.

Another concern is the change in political leadership. There is the talk about a nationwide, or global, DNA database. But this is a risky one. It is no secret I’m Jewish. This is something you can track in my DNA. There are countries where it is dangerous to have this information available. Not to mention the European history of this and the feeling by Jewish people to flee to Israel in a new exodus.

So let’s leave those firms alone and get them to improve services. Let’s talk about the real danger for your privacy: the government.

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