It’s time. 2019 has begun. We have closed the door to 2018 permanently. A new year with new challenges. Hopefully, for you, the new year will bring you nothing but positivity. I only give you the best.

Many people look back on what happened in 2018. I am not like that. I prefer to look ahead. I prefer to see what the future has to offer. Not that I do not take the past into account. We can and must learn from this. But we must realize that we can not change the past. We have to look at what has happened and what this means for the future.

That’s why I wrote a preview of 2019. A preview that deals with geopolitical tensions. This will amaze you. But geopolitics can be predicted fairly well. In addition, different continents have different challenges. We can earn good money on these challenges. Still nothing wrong with that?

But there’s more! I also discussed what, in my opinion, is going to be the best performing fair. Then worldwide. I will not advise you to simply buy a tracker. I prefer to buy an individual company. Just because I do not have to buy the bad apples. But if I miss the knowledge then I am more than willing to make another investment to realize my goal.

When it comes to raw materials, everyone talks about Gold and Silver. Because the financial media virtually does not monitor these sectors, I regularly publish them. Just to give a complete picture and give you more profitable opportunities. Possibilities that you need to consider in your financial plan and your objectives. But there are more raw materials. For example, there are metals with a shortage. With an increasing demand. A question that will only increase in the next 30 years. With the production that goes down, I see a wonderful investment opportunity. Do sell on time.

When I look at the increasing prosperity and population, I only see an increase in the use of raw materials. Well, there are some raw materials that we can not do without. Water is a good example of this. But water is an extremely bad investment. Politicians do not want private investments in the water sector. It is considered a right. In addition, all those politicians prefer the profits in the state treasury. So that we can again launch a project that does not add any economic value or prosperity.

Well you will say that such a report is unaffordable. Well, actually not. The report can be downloaded completely free of charge. It costs you nothing. All you have to do is give yourself this information. Tell me why you would not do that? You do not run any risk. In the current times of instability, risks, hazards for your money. Threatening wars, then it might be a good start to arm yourself with information. What is wrong with that?

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