The people had enough. They are refusing to pay any more extortion fees to the bureaucrats. Unfortunately, this is not the case in the developed world. It is happening in Argentina. It started with a Twitter action. The #BajenLosImpuestos (no more tax) soon went viral. It didn’t take long before the social media action went to the street.

Presitious economists, students. They are coming together to stand up against the high taxation in Argentina. They will come together for the chance outside the gates of parliament in Buenos Aires. But the demonstrations are not only in the capital. Around the country, people are resisting high and destructive taxes.

The Argentine leadership failed to deliver on the election promises. The promise was to end high taxation. The only tax cut which was planned (a tax on agriculture exports) is put on hold due to budget issues. This is why every tax cut should always go hand in hand with spending cuts. The Argentina leadership imposed even new taxes. One on financial investments. The result? In Argentine, they talk about the financial collapse of 2018. So the bureaucrats of the IMF had to come to the rescue.

Argentina is dealing with the result of a leftist government which made the country a Venezuela style hellhole. The country has more tax raids than every country in the world.

Municipalities are charging over 80 different taxes to the people. States impose 40 different taxes and the government itself adds another 40 taxes. Just think about this for a few seconds. It is an amazing number of taxation. Never forget: taxation is hardly ever abolished.

On the day to day expenses, the people of Argentine will pay between 30% and 80% on taxes. But we will move on. When you purchase a new car or textiles the price includes a 54,8% tax. So the tax component is higher than the product itself.

Unfortunately, we have to deal with tax. not obeying the tax is criminal. I’ll never advise anyone to violate the law. But there are solutions to this. Why not simply stop with paying tax?

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