Without any doubt was the start of 2020 a horrible one. The Coronavirus, the government forced lockdown to create an economic depression. We are not sure how big it will become. It is not sure when we are leaving. Actually, should we raise the question IF we are ever going to leave it? After all, is the industrial production collapsing at percentages that remind me of the great depression?

So the government and politicians are doing what they did before. Unfortunately, they expect a different outcome. Which is insanity, according to Einstein. With all government push, it is just about the new regulation and the only beneficiaries are special interest groups. Also certain companies at the expense of the complete society.

When we look at the great depression than we can clearly see that the root for big businesses, big government, big labor u8nions, and big intellectuals.

The big business allows efficiency. Standard Oil was famous for being one of the most efficient organizations. They were so efficient that competing was difficult. But they were not using violence to get its way. They simply powered the energy revolution.

Big government is clearly the root of all evil. The new regulation will push everyone into a direction. not by choice. Well, you have a choice. It is the choice between doing what people with guns want you to do and by doing so waste resources, or get a gun yo your head.

Big labor unions are just destructive. They come from an era that is gone. In the gig economy are we going to see that many fields are just losing the union connection? Unions have not so many members. Membership is not compulsory. I have no problem with certain benefits being only available for unions. But what have they really achieved They are trying to end innovation and new job creation.

Big intellectuals are pushing you towards the direction that they enjoy. Debate and talks are not possible. just look at how Sweden dealt with the Corona outbreak. How dear they. The country was a laughing country in the world. But it seems that Corona was no issue. Big intellectuals are upset with Bolsonaro in Brasil and Trump in the USA. Both are questioning there track record.

Before the Corona outbreak, the big tech firms were supporting of the new regulation. This regulation will wipe out the competition. You need to have a certain scale and volume to deal with all regulations. Don’t forget we talk about the regulation of different fields. How to comply with over 3000 different regulations as a small firm?

The problem is that with every crisis we are heading towards more destruction. Yes, that is happening. Yang campaigned on the Universal Basic Income. The green agenda of AOC is another example. The destructive Bernie Sanders agenda is there as well. Keep in mind: Bernie Sanders and his followers are the future of the Democratic Party. The outlook is not so great.

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