Climate change is a popular topic. In politics, in the media. If you oppose, ask questions or whatever you might be capable of asking: you are a climate change denier. Or just a very bad person. So let’s examine the facts.

So let’s examine the figures. First of all the 97% of scientists agree with it.

Let’s look at the claimed fact that 97% of scientists agree to the fact that human activity caused global warming. This was first published in 2014 and was upon a study of 2013.

If we look at the research study than we see that this is based upon the 1/3 of climate change researchers that say that humans have contributed somewhat to are the reason for climate change. So 2/3 of the researchers don’t agree to the claim that this is human behavior caused.

So the accurate position is that there are some papers that claim there is some role of humanity in causing global warming. So why are they not picking this up?

Why are we not hearing about this in the media and the political debate? Why did no one take the time to read the research paper in the state of the claim?

The supporters of the claim that climate change is caused by humans are also increasing pressure on politicians and criticasters. They say that those who ask the questions about this are undermining climate science.

But is this the case. It should be noted that those who say this are saying so to push a political agenda. An agenda that they try to push on by undermining criticasters.

By doing so are they dividing the people and not, as they claim, bringing people together. They are actually responsible for the fact that the western world is divided into the bone.

A prime example of this is research from the 70s of the last century. This study found 97% of researchers opposed tariffs, 95% support floating exchange rates and 90% opposes the minimum wage.

Why are they not referring to those studies? Or are they just referring to every study that they enjoy and comes with the political goals?

If we would bring the world together we need to look at facts. We need to think about common sense and profitable solutions. By ensuring profitability we can ensure sustainability.

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