There is nothing wrong with buying local. From a local enterpeneur. Someone who really cares about you and is on a first name basis with you. The proud of a local entrepreneur who made it to the global markets.

Thanks to the internet we see that everyone is capable of selling to everyone. You are now capable of working from home. But due to this, we see shops closing. One retail company after another is closing down.

There is nothing new under the sun when politicians support local business. After all: businesses are good for society while politicians need the money those brave entrepreneurs generate to blow away on money wasting nonworking projects.

When governments are providing subsidies for local businesses they are just offering some cash back they first took. They are offering subsidies with money which was first stolen via taxation.

When it comes to regulation to purchase locally than it is just another redistribution form what the government took. With regulation, it is simply adding barriers to entry.

When we look at the effects of the current buy local pressure than we see that there is no real longterm realization of what they are doing. I support local purchases.

If politicians really would support local business than they would end the regulatory burden. Would they allow free movement of the entrepreneurs? Unfortunately, they are not doing this. But politicians never look in the mirror.

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