Is it worrying you what is happening in the USA around the Presidential elections? Well, it should. It is clear that people are freaking out. This instability is definitely not good for the United States. Do you remember the 2000 elections? Al Gore lost upon less than 1,000 votes. But Bush had won after several recounts. But then the people were not looting and rioting. Now we are heading towards elections and they are already doing this. What happens if it becomes a close election result? What if President Trump is winning?

But in the USA is something going to be different. Many more people are going to vote by mail. This outlines the importance of checking who is counting the votes. not what you are voting up. in Eindhoven, the votes are counted in an unprofessional manner. at least that is what Mayor Jorritsma says.

With around 37% of the people going to vote by mail, it is important to look at the US Postal Services. This state-owned firm is showing the problem with the government in business.

It is expected that Joe Biden will get around double the amount of mail-in voters than Trump. Meaning that Trump is much more going to be hurt from the social unrest. Who will go voting when looting and rioting are happening? I’m a political junkie, but I’ll think twice.

Mail-in votes could be counted in advance. By doing so you would have a quick announcement. But this is

No matter who will be victorious, the elections are contested. Meaning the wet dream for lawyers. At the same time is big tech marching up.

Facebook said it will put restrictions on that what is published around election day. They will say it is to avoid chaos. But who do we know they are not censoring or pushing towards Joe Biden as a candidate? I could say that same about Trump, but there is no indication that Facebook will do anything in his favor.

At the moment are even the traditional media, like the Cartoon New Network, admitting it is wild times. So if they are no longer downplaying everything you better get worried. At least I’m. You better be too. No matter what the future brings, it will be a turbulent one.

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