Recently it was announced that the Bank of China would devaluate the Yuan. By doing so it gave the Trump administration all it needs to designate China as a currency manipulator. Yes, China is a longtime currency manipulator. But it was pumping its currency up. It was not pushing it down as the Trump administration accuses it.

The investment markets expected that China would face down due to the internal issues in Hong Kong. Next to this was it expected that Trump would take it easy due to the election cycle which is started.

But this was not the case. The complete world can see how the trade war is going on and is pushing the world into a lower economic activity.

The trade war is causing problems for China. Food prices are up. This increases the instability and at the same time is the economy slowing down. Doing so there is a new standard and policy for the Chinese government to work with.

But the trade war is not the biggest concern for the Chinese economy.

The real problem for the Chinese economy is its banking system. A banking system that is rapidly on imploding.

A couple of months ago the Chinese government took over the Mongolian Baoshang Bank. Now is this not something new. It happens all over the world that regulators take over control over financial institutions. The interesting part is that they shared the news with Reuters. Reuters is a foreign press company that doesn’t work under Chinese restrictions.

What the government did was actually imposing a new depositor guarantee program. A program that is relatively new for the Chinese people.

At the end of July, the government had to take over just another regional bank. Now they didn’t take over the control, but a state company bought a share.

There is a chance that this is isolated cases. After all, are there failing financial institutions in every country. With the economy in a boom cycle or a bust cycles.

But we see that the Chinese economy is loaded with debt. So this raises another question. Who owns the Chinese debt? The fact that we don’t know this is one of the big concerns for investors around the world.

What will happen when the Chinese financial system will collapse? It is likely that it will cause social unrest around the world. Unrest which might make you money. If you like to keep your wealth and make some money than it is time to read the Survive The Collapse Report now.

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