If the corona outbreak has learned us one thing is that you can’t trust the Police. They simply do whatever they are told. Not something they are proud of and they will go after everyone who criticizes them.

Just a few examples. In Australie, a pregnant woman was arrested. for posting a message for anti lockdown protest.

In Spain, the police kicked a 14-year-old boy against the ground. Pushed the knee in the neck.

In the United States, the Police got a mother and a 1-year-old kid from an airplane. The kid’s face was not fully covered.

In Quebec, the Police are allowed to seize private property from healthy people. Who refuses to stay within line of the Corona demands.

Here comes the problem. Most people are covering the Police. This is partly due to the ongoing brainwashing. Propaganda and the demand to support blue is what caused this. Unfortunately is the majority of the people not seeing the problem with this.

Let me ask you this question. When does the world move towards socialism, who imposes it? When bad policies need to be imposed it is the police.

I’m for drastic reform of the Police. Actually, I’m very supportive of the defund the Police campaign.

We need some new methods of financing law enforcement. This should definitely be outside government control. To ensure we remain safe and our own interest is at first interest. Not some bureaucratic nobody interests. A good method would be to simply allow security services, private and the police, to compete. Simply do this for every community in town. Let them compete. The community picks law enforcement services.

This idea would simply shock and blow up the system. It would become something like a utility. Like electricity.

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