The Chinese symbol of crises contains the symbols of threat and opportunity. this is for good reason. It is the same. Exactly for politicians and those who understand how the political game works.

All bad things that happen are going to lead to politicians for the camera. They are using every opportunity to show that they are in control. If it is some environmental disaster or something else bad. If they can control it or not, the politicians are there to show that they are in control

If we look at the Coronavirus outbreak it is nothing new. The Mayor and other regional politicians are telling you what you need to do to keep your grandmother safe and alive. It is interesting to see that they talk about public safety, that they are in control, and claim to be in control. But they need you do do the dirty work. While they have chosen for it.

When we look at what happens in the USA I strongly suggest sending an Oscar to all engaged. when hardcore anti-Trump is now thanking President Trump for his support. Well if you believe that, you need to think again.

So with what they are doing is just one big theater show. Paid for by the taxpayer. It is not that this is only happening under a Republican leadership. It is happening all around the world. Which is simply showing that we need to have another system.

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