Gold, Silver and other precious metals are up. So that is good news. We are making money. At the same time are we seeing that more manipulation is happening? Every time Gold, Silver, and other precious metals are up by 2% the increase in contracts is 6% to 8%. Where is this coming from? Where is the physical coming from? This is a big problem. They don’t have the physical precious metals position to deliver.

So what are they doing? Most precious metals contracts are having the clause that you don’t need to deliver in physical metals. You deliver in cash. Which is the central bank inflated and worthless.

Thanks to the Coronavirus is it more difficult, even impossible, by the central bankers of the world to keep spreading the message that all is going fine. At the same time are the ruling elite burning their credibility. Al to keep up appearances that all is going fine.

The economy In China is hit very hard. The economy is coming to a stop. Car sales are down by 92% for the first half of February. At the same time is the global shipping giant Maersk reporting a drastic drop in cargo demand. Maersk says that Chinese factories are working on 50% to 60% of capacity. That is shocking. China takes up around 20% of the global economy. But for Maersk is it even worse. During the fourth quarter, the firm expects to operate at a loss. Think about this for a moment. Happy Singles Day, Prime Day, Black Friday, Halloween, Christman. All resulting in a peak of goods that need to be transported. But Maersk fails to operate profitably. So what will happen now? With factories working on 50% of capacity?

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