In my first article, I wrote about Picabu becoming Snapchat. It originated as sexting and highly popular with teenagers. Due to the failure of grown-up and school board members to anticipate what the teenagers wish. So the app is growing. The users are double of what it was a few months ago. That’s what we call momentum.

But this will bring some problems. First of all, you have increased server costs. They alone will be a few Thousand. So it is time for serious investors. By accident, more actual the daughter of an early-stage investor is a heavy user of snapchat and the deal is made. Over 400,000 US is offered. So what you do when this is offered? You say you call back. Then, when the money has arrived you simply drop out of class and education at all.

Soon Snapchat is being used to have over 50 million daily photos being shared. This means for the competition, Facebook (who recently bought Instagram for a billion) and Facebook struck back. With Poke. Poke is just a clown of Snapchat. Why invent if you can simply steal yourself to richness? This is the way it works in the tech and social media world.

The Poke launch is a success. But the media notices something. Poke is just a copy of Snapchat. The media hype will create a massive new download. Snapchat moves to top 4 in downloads and poke leaves the top 30. That is very painful!

With more funding the new threat arrivés. A former co-founder was kicked out and now sues. So after defeating Facebook, you are getting a knife in the back. Or it is a good reason to have your legal work in order.

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