Sexting is here to stay. But I’m sure parents hope their kids will not do it. Or that if those things are recorded they will not leak. But sharing them on the socials is very dangerous. After all, it can’t go away. So it is time to have a website where you can share pictures and they will go after 10 seconds. But a website is not handy. After all, are you having your photos on your Phone? So an app. See here: Picabu was born.

So Picabu was launched. It is out, but no downloads. 0. To compare it: Instagram had 40,000 on the first day. So something is wrong. A pr campaign is started. But no success. Picabu is getting some downloads. Just a few hundred after a few months.

A new campaign was started. Picabu let you send photos for pics, not to keeps. So it is launched as a sexting app.

The logo of Picabu? A ghost on a yellow background.

There is really bad news. There is a company with the Picabu name. A company that makes photobooks. So a new name is needed. In 2011 it is rebranded and relaunches. The new update allows you to add captions to your photo. The new name? Snapchat.

But it is not going well. There are barely any users and barely money. So the founders go back to traditional life. Studying in Stanford and coding. But this is going to change.

The niece of a mother of the founders was told about snapchat. At schools are iPads distributed for research? But Facebook is banned. So the Orange County high school is jumping into Snapchat. Why? When you send the pictures to each other they are gone in a few seconds. So where is the promise if you are caught? Now over 1,000 users are there for Snapchat.

The photo and video sharing are out. Over winter break 2,200 active users and 5,000 downloads. So it is clear: snapchat is growing exceptional. Snapchat is here to stay.

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