Fighting global warming makes us happier. That is a good thing. There is a tiny negative side effect of this. We will have less work and less economic output. But who does need this? Well, the people that are depending on paycheques or other forms of money.

One of the reasons that the world could work with less work is made by comparing different types of employment in OESO member states. By doing so it becomes possible to compare the more rich countries, the hour’s people work and the labor output an hour.

Unfortunately, they ignore the critics upon the European model. The European model is highly regulated, highly taxed. So this means that you are comparing apples and lemons. Is it fair to compare the same things? No, it is not. But this is something the critics simply ignore. Why look at the facts?

We saw exactly the same things happening when the United States introduced the Affordable Care Act, you might know it under Obamacare. The facts on the ignored the facts. They ignored the real effects. They simply didn’t have a clue how is paying for the deficits and shortages?

So we need to recognize that the facts are no longer important. Where this the world will bring? No one knows. But likely it is towards poverty and more government control.

I’m not sure about you but I’m not happy with the idea of poverty. I don’t like the idea of standing in line for food aid. Personally, I prefer a nice life with great people around me. With some nice food and the time to enjoy those, I closed in my heart.

Unfortunately, those things cost money. So it is better for you to get the money and resources you need. Why not start small and be on the right track? A nice money making blog might be just what you need to join the movement towards success. Will you join or head towards poverty?

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