That is the real question that is on everyone’s mind. We are now seeing what happens when the government is ruining the economy. The economy will hit an in recession, or are we getting a great depression like 1929? That is the big question. So how bad is the situation?

Well since last February is millions of people losing their job weekly. The USA GDP is down around 40%.

So we are now seeing some things about what the economic situation will be like. It is going to look very bad, no matter what.

The government is trying to do everything possible to limit what happens in the economy. After all, need someone to pay the tax revenue. Or the stimulus needs to be repaid.

If we l0ok back at what happened in 2008 we see that just a few organizations and specific types of investments became worthless. This was at the end of 2007. the first big signal, in my opinion, was the technical bankruptcy of NIBC. But by September 2008 Lehman Brothers went bankrupt and the complete financial system collapsed. No one trusted each other.

But when Lehman Brothers collapsed the stock markets didn’t reach its ultimate low. That took until mid-2009.

The crises of 2009 and the associated economic problems officially took us just 18 months. But the impact and effects are will suffering from.

It is not clear what is going to happen in the coming months. It is not certain what and how is the best method to deal with it. But we know that the same solution as we did after the last crises is not going to work. Unfortunately, this is exactly what we are doing right now.

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