When we look at the popular belief in the economy than we see that companies grow into monopolies. These companies are serving customer needs and so they grow. Then they grow into the monopoly and the government then split them up.

This question is especially important now we are talking about the big tech companies. Google, Amazon, and Facebook should be split up. At least, that is the popular perspective.

But let’s begin with the companies. Google is so big due to the fact that we are using it. When we look at the profit makers of the firm than it is just the email service (Gmail) and the search engine. The rest, for example, YouTube, is a money-losing operation.

Facebook is using account holders as a product. With the purchase of Whatsapp, the firm gained dominance in Africa. With Instagram, the company gained access to a younger audience. A younger audience which is more interesting for certain advertisers.

If you are strongly against big companies than it is easy what you should do: support small companies and start buying local. Leave the large social networks and go for your own area.

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