It is obvious that the government is meddling around with monetary affairs. Despite the lies that central banks are open, they are central bankers under pressure to serve political interests. Interventions were made to keep government spending and certain special interests thriving.

So should this stop us from trying to end this destructive system? No, we need to end this system the soonest moment possible.

To understand what is needed to understand the history of money. Real money is Gold and Silver. At least in the past, it was. This is why new currencies that are introduced always mention how much precious metals are stored in the area.

If governments didn’t meddle with this Gold and Silver would still be widely used as money.

Slowly on governments are ending the Gold backing of the currency. This is for the reason that the backing of precious metals makes it very hard to print new money.

The money we have is backed by the law. The money backed by law is not backed by Gold or Silver.

It is not clear when governments are losing control over the currency. It is clear that it will happen. After all, are they printing money like there is no tomorrow? Sooner or later will the people lost confidence in the currency and than the system will implode. when this happens Gold and Silver will go up. After all, they are the real money for centuries.

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