The idea is that banks create money. They do so by providing customers, private individuals or businesses, with credit. The money is spent and so the economy is growing. could be by some new means of production. So let’s bust the lies associated with it.

One of the big problems with the current money system is that is based upon consumer spending to facilitate growth. Not real savings.

Never forget that real savings are needed to back savings, lending, and the economy.

So let’s assume you are borrowing someone some bricks. After 1 year you will get the bricks + 2% in bricks back. You give up the ownership of it. In exchange, you get more than you borrowed. So what you borrowed are real assets.

When we create money out of thin air, what we are doing right now, we will make everyone poorer.

Banks are creating money out of thin air. The system is pretty destructive and hurting everyone.

The destructive monetary system is imploding all around us. So you better prepare for it.

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