I recently published an opinion article about the Brexit. This has produced a nice response. That’s always nice to know. After all, I am so sure that I can reach you and the Brexit is not a sexy subject. But a very important topic. Let me, therefore, begin by acknowledging that Theresa May has an almost impossible task.

The statement is impossible for several reasons. To begin with, let’s take a look at how the current situation came about. It is simple: the conservative party, including labor, are scattered throughout the European Union. UKIP scored more than 20% of the votes, but thanks to the district system only got a single seat. Then it is clear that people want it differently. So David Cameron started negotiating and a referendum came. Now you can say that the referendum was only won by the pro-Brexit camp because, especially young people, did not vote. You are right about that. But not coming to vote is also a choice. Then don’t be pathetic and start complaining about the outcome. This is also one of the reasons that I always vote if I can.

Then we come to the current problems in the British Parliament. For this, we need to realize how this came about and what the positions are. We start with the Scottish SNP. They are for staying within the European Union and want as close a connection as possible. The Scottish export is doing well and is primarily to the European Union. The growth of exports outside the European Union is primarily energy and whiskey. Thanks to the protection, the Scottish Whiskey also has a separate status and delivers more than Irish Whiskey. Or any kind of Whiskey.

The DUP is against any deal that drives it more closely into the hands of Ireland. The party has its representation in Northern Ireland. People still think back to the time when cars exploded. They are small and fairly radical. At the moment they give Theresa May support. They are pro Brexit but as 1 country.

Labor has a fascinating leader with Corbyn. He is the opposition leader and his election as party leader is not undisputed. Some other Tony Blair has been warned about his radical left-wing agenda. He longs for a possible socialist United Kingdom. With the most important sectors of the economy under strong government control.

The LibDems are strong proponents of close cooperation with the European Union. At the moment they mainly want a second referendum because the outcome, assuming that it keeps coming out, has fallen to them better. The party ruled once. A coalition government in the UK. It has given them punishment in the elections.

The conservatives of Theresa May are divided into the bone. This is both ideologically motivated and economical. Ideologically, people think back to the British colonial Empire. When the British made progress in the world. Whether or not from the barrel of a gun. But from an economic point of view, a free trade agreement with the United States, Australia and India make much more sense. The historically close ties result in economic traffic.

Then we come to the current situation. It is clear that there will be no parliamentary solution. The UK voted for Brexit in London, Gibraltar, and Scotland. Whether the mood will turn out differently I don’t know. I don’t bet a cent on it.

The current deal with the European Union has some problems.

1. Gibraltar # Spain has a veto on all matters around Gibraltar. Theresa May has dismantled the British Empire. In the last referendum, people voted for staying within the British Empire and for staying in the European Union,

2. Northern Ireland # no real solution is possible here. If the British go the outer border will be here. The concept of a smart external border is the only thing that could work realistically without cars exploding. The groups of people who want to go to England pose a risk. If they take the boat to Ireland, they can go straight to the UK,

3. Export of services # The British financial system is the most important export product. Not only does one touch the European passport (a financial permit is good enough to open offices in Europe), but some services will always come from London.

It is clear to me that Theresa May has taken a totally wrong approach. This is partly because she herself is an advocate of the European Union, but also because of the division within British society.

How I dealt with it. To start with, I had also declared the mid-term elections. With a clear message for the UK with more jobs, lower taxes and no European Union. The most important advantage is that you do not have to hold elections during the negotiation process.

What the British society will look like after leaving the UK? Herein announce that a few supervisors (medicines, nuclear safety, etc.) are coming into shrinking regions. This allows you to generate the maximum benefit from the necessary new services for society. Announce that the area between Newcastle, Liverpool, and Manchester will develop into a second London. Bet on frequent public transport in this area. All British ambassadors are instructed to ask whether the country they work for (or several countries) is open to a free trade agreement. A treaty that is simple: we have no barriers, we abide by each other’s laws in each other’s country. Draw at the x. Immediately make the offer to arrange two trade missions in both directions. This is, for example, to get agricultural products from Albania to prevent food inflation.

GoldĀ back the British Pound. So your Pound can be exchanged for Gold. This starts on the day of the Brexit. A bottom can be laid under this coin using this method. It is an attempt to turn the GBP into the world currency again.

We will reduce the corporate income tax to 10%. This is under the Irish tax and with that, jet VK can be positioned to become the Singapore of Europe.

Announce to enter Canzuk. Free movement of goods, services, and people between Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. With this, the ties can be tightened and the geopolitical power can be optimized.

Then send the letter that Article 50 is put into effect. In the letter, emphasize the economic value of British expats in Spain. Give the offer to separate as friends and to conclude a free trade agreement. For the negotiations, we are going to do in Belfast and Brussels. Immediately announce that preparations are being made to replace all European guest workers with British ones. This is especially a disaster for Eastern Europe.

When the first group of diplomats arrives in Brussels to negotiate, you first organize a press conference. Here you announce the plans again and perform a light show. Here you present Lord Buckethead as the main negotiator. Just to confuse everyone. Then you emphasize the different interests of the countries. Who needs the UK for what?

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