Earlier I posted a blog article about the death of the American Dollar and the alliance between China, Russia and Iran to build an alternative for this global currency. The American Federal government is depended on foreign investors to finance the ongoing deficits. What will happen when they stop financing the deficits? What will happen when the bond auctions are no longer being attended by those institutional investors?

Let’s have a look at Iran. This oil-producing country is kicked out of the international financial scheme. The country has no access to the American Swift system. But the country is the only country left in the world where we can explore and drill for cheap oil. Kick in the sand and you get the oil erupting out of it.

The Iranian economy is mainly depending on the export of oil and gass. Natural resources the country has and China needs oil and gas. Turkey is also a key trading partner. They are not paying for the natural resources in American Dollars. They pay in gold.

Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said the American sanctions against Iran where intended to crush the Iranian economy.

The only reason the United States is capable doing this due to the fact that the American Dollar is the world reserve currency. Off course they only partner in this with the close allies the USA has. This are Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Normally speaking, Iran uses the US Dollar for its transactions. Well, actually everyone does that for international payments. Because the United States alone can prohibit the use of the US dollar, they are dependent on what President Trump decides in Iran.

I assume that Iran will be banned from using the US Dollar. Just as American citizens are not allowed to stay in state hotels, or other facilities, in Cuba. Obviously, Iran will not just let that go over. They will look for an alternative. But what is the real alternative to a coin that has lost 99% of its value since its launch?

Indeed, Gold.

Let’s see how they can obtain their Gold. They can easily obtain it through the oil sales to China. That gold can then be used nicely to purchase machines and other goods. Simply agree that you pay in gold. Otherwise, there is no deal.

Recently, a Turkish gold trader has been charged. In the period 2012 – 2016 he had enabled Iran to launder more than 1 billion of gold.

Russia is the third gold producer in the world. The central bank keeps its gold in its own country (very sensible) and the Russian Ruble falls hard. This also allows Russia to pay for goods in gold.

Now we are going to look at what is needed to push the American Dollar off the world stage. To reintroduce a gold standard, 40% of global gold will have to cover this. Before the United States killed the gold standard at Bretton Wood, this was the case. After that there was only decay and the American Dollar is doomed.

Now, let’s see how we can earn money here. To begin with, as I have written in my  millionaires report, gold should be a substantial part of your investment portfolio. .As insurance against the loss.

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