We are living in turbulent times. Finally, are we reaching the tipping point of the welfare state of the western world? Thanks to the Corona / covid19 or covid1984 outbreak is the economic armageddon I’m warning about finally happening. We are heading towards movie crises. But, as with every crisis does this result in opportunities.

I’ll take me as my situation. In the 30s. so what should I do to thrive? Well within the continent of Europe it is, by far, better to go to Eastern Europe. They are not suffering from the negative side effects of a welfare state. The people there have enjoyed communism. They experienced the shortages, they have experienced what it does with society. They are now doing almost everything to move away from the centrally controlled government. This is one of the reasons Hungary and Poland are having big problems with the European Union.

Eastern Europe has some other benefits. No, I’m not referring to the, according to everyone, beautiful woman. As a partially sighted person that is not something, I’ll have the joy of. On the other hand. I’m allowed to feel. But that is not the most important thing. To thrive we need to do things differently. One of the real benefits is that the costs of living are really low in Eastern Europe.

Are you not interested in Eastern Europe? I can understand this. One of the most interesting markets in Africa. A young population and the last Industrial revolution. Or new efforts of colonialism. Just the route you prefer. But Africa is also having the joy of no welfare state.

Between the 2 I’m more positive in Eastern Europe. Actually, within Africa, I would stay away as a base. Unless it is Cape Verde. Less of Africa’s challenges.

Why I’m against a welfare state? Well, it is not sustainable. The welfare state is a reward for those who are not producing, at the expense of those who are producing. With a very inefficient government in between. Every time the government takes something it never returns them. Have you ever heard about some new policies in which they said: “if we don’t achieve this we are avoiding it.”

Just take the Corona stimulus in the USA. You can get unemployment benefits for 4 months. But the unemployment benefits can be higher than your salary. Would you go to work? Have the commuting expenses, have the dislike of your job. Or stay at home and get more money? Do you think they will end this after 4 months? It is an election year. So politicians are not interested in the best of society. They are interested in getting re-elected. At the expense of everyone else. But that is no problem in their opinion.

Then we come to the final part of the world where you can thrive in Corona times. Then I’m referring to the many Pacific Island nations between Hawaii and Australia / New Zeeland.

I strongly suggest you are getting your bag ready. Just so you can flee at the moment it is needed. A good method is obtaining a second or new residence. Just so you can go when the time is here to flee and protect your family.

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