Retailer after retailer is announcing shop closures. shop closures mean less work for the transportation sector. Or for employment in the retail sector.

Many blame the new eCommerce giants Shopify, Amazon, and eBay. But those firms are at the same time driving a revolution.

You can sell directly your goods and services to consumers. It facilitates the move in the age of the amateur. You make something as a hobby and you can sell it. Or all that old stuff that you have laying around.

I don’t blame those innovative companies for shop closing. A good reason for shop closing is the fact that people have less money to spend. After the last crisis, all forms of new taxes were introduced and the government increased more regulations.

All making the costs of running a shop higher. So then we see that the shops will close. next to this are many people, especially in the United States, to there eyeball in debt.

But I’m not the type of person that complains about those change. Change is good. Innovation can we not stop.

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