You might know I have a highly troubled relationship with the city of Eindhoven. I’m active busy to get rid of Mayor Jorritsma (VVD). Unfortunately is he not blessed with competence. That is said for him, for his family and for Eindhoven.

Let me tell you, in detail, why I’m so against him. It will be no secret to you, my loyal readers, that I’m Jewish. I’m holding 2 citizenship. Many family members are placed on memorial monuments.

Over 6 years ago I got a new neighbor. Spits are the family name. He is buying, renovating, and selling houses with a profit. Or at least that was the plan.

So he decided to get the house of my mother. He offered 60,000 EUR. This building has an execution value of around the 240,000 EUR. She refused. Which is her good right? so he started with a libel campaign that was unprecedented.

He followed the strategy to hit her and me. He told to all possible organizations (the City of Eindhoven, local Police) that I must be active in the world of drug criminality. My mother is mentally ill. This is something that he keeps saying, until this day. He even says it as a concierge of a Christian school. I have submitted a complaint to the organization behind the school. Not that I expect anything to happen. Schools don’t critics and intend to sort everything out without issues. When you are going a different route than they go all in.

So all those, subsidized organizations, dropped by. Talking about her mental illness. For the record: she is not mentally ill and she has more educational background than those people. Something that they don’t like. I think they expect concierges to be capable to put out medical diagnoses. It makes you think about the capacity of the organizations.

So on 12/1/17 something strange happened. Police and city of Eindhoven. Where looking for me. Strange, prior to this I was in good contact with the city to get economic activity to the city. They were looking for proof of illegal drug activity. They were looking for me.

Both failed. No drugs. No, I’m not active in that field. I was at my girlfriend and I got this message by email. So the next day I went to the local Police. With my lawyer on the phone. They knew nothing. No records. Nothing against me.

So why does Mayor Jorritsma sending out armed people to figure out what my preferred position on the sexual field is and my finances? What is it not possible to explain why they like to know this and just ask? Simply ask and explain why you like to know all those things.

When the report of this action was made the city of Eindhoven committed fraud. This is pretty easy to prove. The order, by Mayor Jorritsma, had a limitation on the days It was from the 10th to the 12th of that month. But the report, signed for as proof by the City of Eindhoven staff, discussed 12/1/16. Both were made public with a freedom of information request. So you can check it yourself. I’m sure the city of Eindhoven loves to hear from you. I’m just wondering what more fraudulent is in the file.

The local Police believed the lies. When I had a meeting with the local police agent about it she came with the comment: but you are a Jew. What does this have to do with it?

Finally, I got the drug accusations solved. But I had to go all-in against it. The local police agent is replaced. I’m at the moment thinking if I’ll sue for compensation.

Contact is already terrible.

To give you some idea about my mother’s education. She has a history of child protection. She worked with mentally 8ll people. She reported the rape of people with the Syndrome of Down to local Police. The local Police said that this is not happening. Because it is a Christian institute. Not so long ago this became public.

She did volunteer work in Spain and Brasil. Working with child prostitutes and their kids. Getting them from prostitution to another form of income. After what happened I decided to get her a Royal recognition. Which is submitted and supported by some contacts of me who are high ranking civil servants.

But that is the past. Now jump forward. Last year he was at a birthday party with a co-worker. She is a teacher at the same school. Nothing new, several teachers live in the street. When she came in the street that her son, he didn’t reach puberty yet, didn’t need to introduce himself. I’m that “dirty Jew and his mom is that crazy bitch” which raises the question who is her source? Would it be the concierge? Who is spreading those lies for years? I can’t prove it but expect it.

Spits had to sell his house. The bank demanded the sale. Repossession agents came a few times in the week. One moment even 3 on 1 day. I can prove this with his credit report.

He was suggested to kick the windows at those Jews. Which was reported by local police? Who didn’t do anything? I didn’t expect them to do anything. The track record is of supporting him. All is well-intended. So why would this change? She is right, I’m a Jew. I think local police are not there for me.

Yesterday, 20/6/20, he was once again at his co-worker. Helping her out. Over lunch, they discussed some methods to get rid of the Jews.

This is why my newsletter didn’t come out. I expected to come back with a new format. More articles, more insights, and more profitable moments. I’ll do this tomorrow. Promised!

Now I called in every possible alliance. Everyone. Members of the city council, high ranking civil servants, members of parliament. You name it. I have a bit of luck. My bag is still packed. Passport, money, clothes and I know the timetable of flights to Israel out of my mind. As well as to a few other emergency locations. As well as methods to cross the border without being detected.

So what is best in your opinion? With the renovation of the house, I’ll get bulletproof windows. Likely also a fence to limit access to the door. Camera security and those things. This is Eindhoven 2020. How to feel safe?

So what is best in your opinion? In the near future, I’ll publish all about this. Every piece separately. With the proof. As part of a campaign to get the truth out.

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