The outbreak of the Corona disease is controlling the news. But due to this, we forget that there is an economic and technological war going on. Between the United States and China. One which impacts the whole world.

There is talk about economic recovery. A recovery that only happens in the mind of politicians. The retail sector is on the verge of collapse. A collapse that also will impact the financial sector.

At the same time is investing more popular than ever. This comes mainly due to the popularity of fractional share trading. Stocks are only going up. At least, that is the narrative for many people. I’m afraid they will learn this is not the hard way.

So what is the impact of the stimulus? Well if we look at history it is clear that there is nothing positive to state. Stimulus, in the long run, is simply not working. What happens when the schools and roads are built? But there is no auto or truck driving over it? There are no children to brainwash with government propaganda.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m saying that Chian is not innocent. The ruling elite has close ties with the western elite. The Corona lockdown has shown us that the western elite loves what China is doing.

At the same time is the western economy in a terrible position. The extensive lockdown is st showing the weakness of the western economy.

Globalization did many people in the world good. Capitalism has listed over 600 million people out of global poverty. But it also hurt others. Not everyone in the world benefited from this. If you are born in the west you are part of the global best 1%. If you like to have a moderate life, please consider moving to Senegal or Nigeria.

The situation is only getting worse. Not better. With the aging population in the western world, we are going to see massive problems and risks.

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