Ever since Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination all the bureaucrats where against him. This is for good reason. He campaigned on draining the swamp. His voters where called deplorable people, racists. Even since he defeated Hillary Clinton the campaign to get him removed continued. All the leaking from the White House should worry you. Now the campaign got a new attempt to get rid of him. The impeachment proceeding.

Let begin to point out that it is about the corruption of Joe Biden and his son. This is something no one is talking about. But is it fair that Joe Biden interferes with a corruption investigation oversea? Ukraine will need to end all corruption. What does it tell you about the respect Joe Biden had for foreign countries.

If you agree with Donald Trump is not important. The fact is that he is elected democratically. So long you are not allowed to vote it is not up to you.

The impeachment comes after 2 years in which the Democrats talked about Russiagate. Russiagate seemed to be an empty thing. nothing happened that was illegal.

So what is the impeachment really about. Just politics and trying to hurt President Trump. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are angry over there 2016 loss. But let’s have a look at who is really behind it. I’m talking about the CIA and there allies within the CIA.

Earlier the CIA director said that President Trump was a traitor. This was over the Helsinki meeting between Trump and Putin. But where is the evidence? Is this just an empty accusation against Trump?

A fake dossier was used to spy on the Trump campaign. The Steele dossier is confirmed to be fake. But the bureaucrats decided to use fake materials to justify spying on a political campaign. What does this tell you about there sense of democracy?

The CIA whistleblower regulation within the CIA was just recently changed. From first-hand information on wrongdoing, this is changed. Now you can also complain about anonymously.

So why is Nancy Pelosi going so far on an anonymous whistleblower? Is it that the CIA ahs dirt on her? What many people forget is that Nancy Pelosi is a multi-millionaire. How did this career politician get so much money?

Is it because the Democrats support whistleblowers? No, they are not. Otherwise, they would leave Edward Snowden and Julian Assange alone. But they are not.

Earlier President Trump was warned against the spies. When there was a Congressional hearing all CIA offers had Alzheimer’s. They didn’t know anything.

The deep state is doing everything to get rid of President Trump. Due to social media, they can’t do a JFK and murder him.

The election cycle is starting all over and it will be interesting to see what they are going do against President Trump.

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