In the Netherlands, the rich live more than 7 years longer than the poorest people. In the eyes of many, this is unfair. But is it the fault of the rich that they live longer? There are some reasons why people live shorter. Poor nutrition is a good example. Take my girlfriend. Her cooking skills usually go no further than puncture, puncture, and ping. So I cook. At the school for the blind in Ermelo, I have had too many experiences with bad microwave meals.

It is no secret to anyone that smoking is unhealthy. But it is also a dairy cow for the government. A fascinating question can, therefore, be raised: what if all people who smoke quit? Then the state misses around 16 billion. The government cannot cut back, but it can introduce new taxes. The same goes for alcohol.

A good reason that the rich live longer is that they take better care of their bodies. You can enrich your life by exercising regularly, eating healthier and going on holiday regularly.

In the eyes of some, it is still unfair. But are we going to kill the rich? Are we going to force the rich to die so that the difference disappears?

Well, the rich have a crucial task in the development of our society. New medicines and innovations can pay them. By doing this there is a market and we get new medicines. They are the early adapters. Otherwise, medical innovation would not have gone much further than the discovery of penicillin.

Well, I’m not complaining. I rather deal with it. I also like to live 7 years longer. In a beautiful but dangerous world. To ensure that I also live 7 years longer, I am working on a solid program to tackle all my health issues. Obesity gradually goes away, I eat very healthily (fresh vegetables which, for example, come from my vegetable garden) and meat that I get from the slaughterhouse. Only for my very bad eyes, I don’t know anything yet. But my eye doctor, a Professor, doesn’t know that either. So I’ll stick to eating carrot and blueberry.

But there is something else. To be with the rich you have to be a millionaire. Well, I hear you think this is hard. I tend to disagree. It is something that requires discipline. I, therefore, wrote the millionaire report. The idea is not that something will be achieved quickly. It is about doing this step by step to be successful in the long term.

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