American manufacturing is performing on its worst for over a decade. At the same time is the global economy slowing down. So what does this tell you? Well first of all the trade war need to be resolved to avoid a global recession. Are you expecting a solution to the global trade war?

If you were waiting for a recession in global manufacturing it is your lucky day. It is here. For quite some time I was warning about the effects of the trade war. I urged you to prepare for the trade war. Like setting up a side business or make some money on the side. Just to prepare for when you lose your job.

A sign that things are moving into the wrong way you need to look at the shipping rates. They are down by 34%. Prior to the trade war, there was overcapacity in the shipping market.

Dark storms are getting together over the global economy. Now it is even more important for you to make money and prepare for the collapse. So when are you going to succeed upon all major eCommerce platforms?

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