The Pentagon budget is a modest 544,5 billion USD. It is a lot of money. But in the American army, it is just a downpayment.

If we look at how the base budget is spent than we see just one big field of waste. With 9.6 billion in retirement money the rest is going to planning wars. Which will never be authorized, overpriced weapon systems?

So it is pretty fair to ask if it can with a little bit less. After all: they spend money which was paid for by the taxpayers. So they looked at how it could be a little bit more efficient. Well by cutting bureaucracy and red tape. The field that is wasted, based upon Pentagon own records, we could save a modest 125 billion in a 5 year period.

Okay, it is not much in the complete budget. But it might be interesting to do this. So what is President Trump doing? Yes, he proposes to create a 6th military division. The 6th division of bureaucracy. The field of defense: space. So the 125 billion is not being saved. More money is going to be spent.

But we are not there. We can do an easy 20 billion cost reduction. How? Simply the termination of the private army and let the work do by civilians. So the same work will happen with fewer costs. Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

Let’s move on with the waste. The USA army is full of weapons and divisions that are too expensive to operate. Like 200 nuclear bombers, the 35 billion aircraft carrier. They are too expensive to operate. Next, to this is it calculated that the JSF will never operate as advertised. That’s a bad thing for the most expensive military weapon program in the history of the USA army.

If I look at that expenditure than I must admit that I simply see an enormous profit opportunity. No way the USA military will scale down. With the rise of China, the bad relationship with Russia and the problems in Latin America. The USA army wishes to fight 2 wars at the same time. But they can’t afford the current military system.

So for me is it really easy. All that waste is unsustainable. But all that money expenditure means additional profitable moments. So I’ll take the profitable moments and invest in the war industry.

Yes, it is not a popular field of investment. But those investments are one of the bests.

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