Medical fascism. That is exactly what happened with the government enforcing its standards. The problems associated with this are we seeing in the Coronavirus pandemic. Corona is not defeated. Regulation is imposed that is simply not working. 

When we look at what is happening with the government entering the healthcare we can look at the introduction of Obamacare. Many in Europa talk about how great it was. What many people seem to forget that it fueled the TeaParty revolution. People where sending tea bags to there members of Congress. 

Did the government not ensure we would not have a wild west scenario? Yes, partly it did. But there is something we need to discuss. Does it matter that there is a wild west? Is it a problem that you can pick and innovate? Hospitals were not invented by the government. They were invented to serve the need of people. 

In the early 1900s prepaid healthcare plans where invented. for those who are working in mining or timber production. The employers saw the need for this. 

When we look at the effect government had upon healthcare provided we just see shortages increasing and prices going up. Is this a routine you like to go when there is a global pandemic? I’m not so happy with this. 

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