Most people have the book the gulag achripel. Its book is tough to read. It is also one of the most misunderstood books. The book is just some critics upon the system of the Soviet Union. But not on the system itself. But the Sovjet Union collapsed. The gulag was abolished after Stalin passed away. But the gulag is back. A modern style gulag is active nowadays and it is hurting more and more people. It is the censorship on social media. At least, if your opinion is not the correct one.

You can say that this is no problem. After all, is the history full of examples of being on the wrong side. But this is not about being right or wrong.

The message should be about social networks allowing everyone to speak out. Even the most threatened and dangerous voices. If we look at the current society we see how important social media is. To achieve things, build new revenue models.

So what happens if Google, Twitter, Facebook and so on are not agreeing with your opinion? Well in the basics nothing wrong. Unless the opinion is against the belief of the key people of social media firms.

The firms are simply removing the wrong opinions. What a wrong opinion is? Well supporting Trump or questioning the central banks. Unfortunately, this is not the case on social networks.

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