Monopolies are bad. At least that is what they say to us. We need to have a proper market. One method, of course, would be to make it easy to enter any market. Than competition could simply end the monopoly. But this is not what is happening right now. More regulation and taxation makes it harder and harder to enter the market. So to fix this problem the government hires some inefficient bureaucrats and makes the world a little bit worse.

After all, can only consumers define what a monopoly is. Consumers can decide to stop spending.

According to the government are monopolies bad. They limit your choice.

Imagine there is a monopolist. They make the prices extremely high. Sooner or later someone is capable to raise enough capital to start a low-cost competition.

I’ll not say that high prices are the only consumer incentive. Just look at supermarkets. You have firms like Ekoplaza or WholeFoods. You also have Aldi. Both serve certain customer needs.

So I have a solution against monopolies. Abolish all antitrust organization .s Just to the honorable thing and fire all civil servants. Let consumers decide and the free market thrives.

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