Recently Facebook decided to remove a few hundred pages and personal accounts. This due to the breaking of the rules against spamming. Earlier Alex Jones was banned. As always it is not only Facebook banning certain voices.YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter did the same.

We could say that this is the result from the Russia gate and data breaches. But is this the case? Facebook business is selling advertisements. So it is not such a strange idea that they are going to make advertising on Facebook as most efficient as possible.

What most people failed to notice is that Facebook official partnered with the Atlantic Council. This not so known organization is nothing more than a propaganda channel for NATO and the weapon industry. Unfortuantlythis is not covered. According to their own website are they also partnering with Google and are they financed by the USA military industrial complex.


Based upon the funding sources it is fair to say that they are nothing more than a propaganda channel for the NATO and weapon industry. With the USA midterm elections only a few weeks away it is clear what is happening.

All voices outside certain general, let’s call it deep-state, viewpoints are being banned. by trying to shut the voices down they are actively influencing the USA midterm elections. All to get a certain political viewpoint out.

Why are they so afraid of different viewpoints? I would say that all the different viewpoints are bringing the world together. In which do the social networks differ from the openly government-funded media like PressTV (financed by the government of Iran) and RT (financed by the Russia Federation).

Prior to the algorithm change in 2016 Facebook was a nicer place. Let’s hope they are going to make Facebook great again!


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