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Japanese Candles in the practice


Make yourself a better investor. Learn from anscient Japanese investment and trading history. Learn to recognise trends and make yourself a great investor.

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This ebook is a great method to start exploring technical analyse. It
goes beyond 70 patterns! These patterns are certainly
important, but the market insight that you will find behind the method is perhaps
still more important.
We will try in the explanation of the patterns also make clear what the pattern
entails. How would it be nice if you later more with you than alone
recognize patterns. An important fact, recognize patterns, but market insight
is also of great importance and that you only get when you’ve passed the patterns
The patterns and what they mean are not developed by us, which is honor to a
some Japanese traders and analysts who once far back in history, the base
have established for this method. The most famous historical and potential user
developer of the method was Munehisa Homma somewhere in the years around 1700
great wealth acquired with his method to predict rates of the rice price.
His method did not fall from the sky, but was in fact an extension of the
state of war that the previous century was in Japan reality. Homma realized that
in trade, in fact, the same qualities are needed as the one a general in the
war should have. Things like strategy, psychology, competition, strategic
withdrawals and even pure luck are needed in order to successfully in the free trade
could be.
Just as the internal wars were conducted and increased trade was there the
knowledge available, but the war had disappeared. Logical sequel was in fact the
knowledge was moving into the market.
This is reflected in the names of a number of patterns, such as Three white soldiers,
Counterattack Line, Hanging Man, etc


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