The corona fear is spreading like crazy. As a side effect billions were wiped out of the stock market. So what is needed to join the profit makers?

Around the world we see large, and small, conferences being suspended. We see flights being suspended. Schools are closing. Every not needed movement on the street is made illegal.

Airliners are going down. As well as event organizers. But it is time to look the other way around. who is going up? Where are we seeing the growth?

Well first of all it is the video conferencing sector; Also telecom communication firms could profit from this. For decades there was a push to start working from home. Thanks to the corona outbreak it is now common usage. When the Corona state of emergency is over, how many people will keep working from home? This is of course for the groups that it is possible to work from home.

The delivery of pizza, fast food and high-quality food is going threw the roof.l With the risk of physical shortages in the supermarkets this might be a good alternative.

With people harvesting toilet paper, they are also harvesting durable food. Soup, noodles, ready-made meals. Not that these are healthy options. but they are better options than having nothing to eat.

We all know that the healthcare sector is very conservative. There are many innovations which are ready to be introduced. But hospitals, doctors and nurses were hesitating to introduce them. But this is changing. They need some method to talk with the patients that are in lockdown. Will the coronavirus get us the much-needed innovation in the healthcare system? Will eHealth take off and be introduced in all fields?

The coronavirus will create tremendous investment opportunities. Let’s stop with the negative hype. Le’ts allow the Dokters to take care of the patients. So that we can focus on the profits that we can and should make.

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