Slowly on are we heading towards the ideological debate for how to proceed after the Coronavirus outbreak. So now the medical issue, the first round at least, are over, we are dealing with how we need to proceed.

The talk will about stopping migration, more protectionism, more federalism, and for those who are strongly against it. In Europe is the debate about the European future. more integration or not? While the Asia debate is about the dominance between India and China.

President Trump used the medical outbreak to limit travel opportunities to the USA. The USA by doing so has limited opportunities to make money, create economic activity, and ended privacy methods.

At this point, we need to keep in mind that the first Corona infected person was a domestic traveler. So was closing the borders a smart thing? Well, it might become a smart thing. Do you trust the Brussels bureaucrats?

One problem that will face the world now is that employers are limited in who they can hire. After all, is the number of options limited due to nationalism.

The Trump administration is changing its mind. They are now going to process visas for temporary workers. At least that is what the latest set of executive orders is indicating.

When it comes to international trade we can’t be even more optimistic. There was some relaxation of the tensions. But that is now history. Trump launched its latest set of ammunitions and tweets on unfair trade deals.

All problems could be fixed by the government. That is at least what they will tell us. After all, does the government bureaucrat know best what you should do? After it, this why is gets paid 15% more than other people doing the same work in the market. for that additional salary, taxpayer-funded of course, and at no personal risk is the type of person you trust. Isn’t it?

Let me offer you a good solution that will work. It is a solution that allowed 700 million people to leave global absolute poverty. It is something easy: free trade. Allow the market to function. It is the best thing and it simply works.

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