Social media has changed the world. Every network has its own niche. Anyone can take advantage or disadvantage with it. Personally, I am an avid user of this social media. You can not name it or I am active. As a self-employed person, you will also have to.

Let’s just walk through them. LinkedIn is the business network. Here we meet and find the wealthy people. The decision makers. Twitter is the headquarters of the run-through world. Everyone complains about it. I love it! How else can you, as an almost blind person, take the opinions of different thinking people? I can not read the newspaper. On Swarm, you can find the geotag beautifully. Now it is very boring at the moment. By train to The Hague for a freelance customer and back. Groceries and so on. But now that I have to do the series of workshops again, it will become more interesting. That’s when the time comes for vacation. On Facebook, I have something called friends. But I just promote my publications.

Now you can say: this is far too far for me. I have no idea where to start. How can you use all those social networks for your absolute benefit? Imagine you own a physical store. Why not use sworn to attract people with an offer to your store? As a freelancer or consultant LinkedIn, your own Facebook page is obviously something you should use.

So if you do not use everything in your favor, it is high time that you do this quickly. Why not use everything in your favor. Use the forces of the networks in their favor. Use the networks in your power. The power of different networks is different. So you try to reach gen teens on Twitter. If you do not know how to approach this, then there is hope. The Social Media Expert Course is available. Then you can also use social media to your advantage with confidence.

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