Socialism is more and more popular. The American Democratic Party is hijacked by people who believe in pure socialism. One of the reasons that this is more popular than ever is due to the problem that it is difficult to compare different economic models.

It is difficult to compare social economic models. From a scientific perspective is it hard to compare all different social studies.

Let’s begin by comparing the difference in Asia. There we have the prime example of Macau, Hong Kong, and China. Macau and Hong Kong.

China had a socialistic regime. They had poverty, death, and hunger. They decided to leave socialism. They kept the parts of dictatorship. They followed the examples of Hong Kong and Macau. Poverty was not what they enjoyed.

Macau is a global place for gambling. Las Vegas has the name. But the money is made there. Chinese and most Asia people simply love gambling.

If we look at continents where this is going on right now we need to pay attention to Latin America. This continent has 2 alliances to govern the continent. It is two opposing visions. Therefore we can look at Latin America for the effects of this social experiment.

Chie, Colombia, Peru, and Mexico are in the pacific alliance.

Ecuador, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Cuba, and Venezuela are in the Bolivian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America–Peoples’ Trade Treaty.

When the trade blocks have formed the capita a person was almost everywhere at the same level.

The Pacific Alliance is a free trade bock. People are allowed to trade.

The Bolivian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America–Peoples’ Trade Treaty intends to have fair trade for the benefit of the masses.

If we look at the economic effects it is easy. The Pacific Alliance saw steady economic growth of 4% a year. That’s nice. The Bolivian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America–Peoples’ Trade Treaty alliance started with economic growth of 4%. But slipped away. Went completely down.

If we look at society is easy. Venezuela is a complete mess. The country made everyone a millionaire. With a worthless currency that is not difficult. But when you are standing in line at the food aid, they just blow pregnant 18-year-old woman up.

These are the differences we saw in Latin America. Let me finish with a question. Which of the two systems are you preferring the most? Let the debate begin.

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