For years I tell you the importance of going global and diversification. I refer to real diversification. I’m often called a conspiracy not. I should trust the government. At the moment that I write this, the news media is telling us a complete lockdown is what the government will do.

So we arrive at the moment I warned about it. The moment there is no way back. Cities are moving towards science-fiction scenarios. They are closing almost all businesses and stoping the complete economy. So keep business going the government is supposed to step in. Since when did we saw any successful government intervention? When politicians declare the war against Corona you know you have lost.

I can try to make you afraid of the Coronavirus. but let’s face it. I’m not medically qualified. I’ll not say what you need to do. I simply say: use your common sense. Are you visiting your grandparents when you have the flu? Are you visiting people that are fighting for there life when you have the flu? So use your common sense.

I’m expecting the complete lockdown. A lockdown that is a massive attack upon your freedom and liberties. You have the choice to do things that are not good for you. Like drinking alcohol or smoking. How many people die due to someone was driving with too much alcohol? How many non-smokers die of cancer due to those who are smoking?

So my considerations are easy. My business and my health. I was doing freelance work for the Dutch government. Freelance work that is canceled. Costing me a total of 22,500 EUR in turnover. After it, I was planning to join a radio network in the USA. Including a trip to the USA to interview some politicians. I’m working on back up scenarios. A scenario that includes getting a wireless internet connection, despite the location I’m. So if I’m at a shared office, family visit, friend visit and abroad. I need to be connected.

To achieve this I made a total of 5 steps. Which is a low number for me? Normally I make 21 steps. But with the media preparing us for a complete lockdown I should take the quickest action possible.

In my business it is easy. I was planning to do radio, internet tv and expand that into common sense physical events. Like a debate on BitCoin, annual returning concepts. now I’m looking at doing this online. The saved money can I use for additional media exposure. Yes, just advertising. With the Corona outbreak, it is clear that the advertisement market is hit very hard. So when I come by and pay upfront I’m sure I can get a better deal.

For my healthcare, it is not just on me. A good friend of mine was tested and has a very dangerous disease. When there is something I can do for him, his daughters and wife I’ll be there for them. But this is the case for every human being and animal that I have closed into my heart.

With the lockdown we are heading to, the problems by supermarkets and other retailers to keep up with supply. Especially with fresh vegetables and fruit, I’m happy I’m prepared. Yes, I’m a prepper. But I also grow my vegetables. The back garden is complete agriculture growing thing. All sustainable and all from my garden.

I expect people to go mad. We see it happening in Spain and Italy. We will soon see it everywhere. People are losing their minds. How would you dare to think outside the box and be critical to the government? With the ongoing flow of death threats, I receive upon this newsletter. Yes, gas chamber invitations, cancer wishes and I’m pretty sure I’ll soon also get Corona wishes. Not sure what I have done to those people. But I’m tracking the IP address they use. I think I’ll drop by at just ask the responsible people about it. On camera. Going to be fun. I will also explain why I have my bags packed. Will also explain why the Police will pay for camera security and is frequently checking if all is okay.

So what steps are you making due to the Corona outbreak?

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