Woman menstruate. They purchase tampons or pads to deal with this. All sanitary goods are subject to sales tax. Now there is a debate going on. In the USA alone the sales-type on those goods bought in 150 million and that is no fair, according to social justice warriors.

Well, I agree with them. But I just say all tax is unfair. After all: taxation is theft. To support lazy government bureaucrats.

Yes, I know. It is scary. I agree with social justice warriors.

The reason they oppose this tax is that women can’t choose to menstruate or not. So if you can’t a choice for it, it isn’t fair to tax it.

It is fair to assume that men also pay this tax. But the man won’t need this.

As all tax, this tax is putting a string on household budgets. After all, are the taxes causing inflation?

The social justice warriors claim that this is because government officials are just old men. So they are not aware of the problems of women in this field.

This is a bogus argument. Sales tax is levied on simply all popular goods people purchase. The SJW people are correct in addressing the problem. Sales tax takes a bit out of every household budget.

It is said to notice that SJW people support new taxes. So why are they saying the high tax is good?

In my opinion, it is because SJW people fail to notice the longterm effect of there policy suggestions. They fail to notice that taxation is a destructive thing. Tax is a thing to stimulate people to do certain things, more accurate discourage usage.

So why not simply stop all the theft. Just abolish the sales tax.

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