Without any doubt is the year 2020 a turbulent one. The Corona outbreak showed us the importance of the health and that we need an economic activity to pay for the health. The decisions and actions by the government pushed the world towards an unprecedented economic depression. We are getting 1 thing after the other. This is taking its toll on the mental health of the people. This is something that worries me.

Let begin with some facts. In the USA is the suicide rate This is at a record high. Alcohol-related deaths are at a record high and we can say the same for a drug overdose. Not a pretty picture. But this is what is happening. So it is pretty safe to state that people are getting crazy.

Now the most important one. Are you happy with your life? Just answer this question. I hope you are. I’m pretty happy. For the things, I’m less happy with I’m having plans at work. But I’m strange in certain fields. My ex-girlfriend contacted me. as emotions are my weak point I just created a questionnaire to figure out what she is after. All with the question to motivate it with 21 answers. Very romantic, yes I know. For romantic inspiration, I just need to talk with my secretary. She runs me and the idea about sending flowers is from her.

One of the big problems is that we, as humans, are very social people. So when we were forced to remain at home, when we were forced to go in a lockdown we just had to do something that is not natural. It is something we are not used to. We need social contacts. We need to be with other people. Even me, one of the more strange people, is needing social contact with people. This could be one of the reasons that so many people are unhappy.

It was hoped that the jobs would come back. After the closure was done we would simply return to normal. I have no problem with returning to normal. sounds great to me. I’m against the lockdown. I don’t see the need. So let’s do it. Let’s start with it over 30 minutes.

So let me put it in other words. Millions, maybe even billions, of people around the world lost their job. At the same time where they forced to stay at home. They had no way of getting out, nor to get the tension off. They are locked up with their beloved ones. People seem to not so love after all. The money is gone and normally than love goes as well.

For quite some time I argue you build emergency funds and food. I did and I hope you did it as well. If not it is a good moment to start. With a bit of luck, it is not too late. I’m not certain about it.

The economic issues we are facing, thanks to the government, are terrible. Things will not return to normal. Job termination, business closure are going to become the new standard.

So are we going nuts right now? Yes, we are. But we are on the fast track towards much more. It is going to turn even more terrible. More looting, rioting, and blaming.

The current situation is not meaning it has to be terrible for you. You should prepare for it. Get food. When people where harvesting toilet paper and fresh eggs (don’t ask me the idea behind harvesting fresh eggs) I was doing nothing.

I had over half a year of food stored. So prepare. That is putting you on the proper track. It is maybe not too late.

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