We can expect quite some changes at the ECB. We all know Cristine Lagarde will make the transfer to the ECB. From the head of the IMF is she going to take a step back. But there are more changes happening at the ECB. The ECB is set to launch more destructive policies.

But the second change is the chief economist. The head of the Irish central bank is promoted and he will become the chief economist.

So will we see any change in monetary policies? Will the destruction of your wealth end? I highly doubt it.

What makes it interesting is the fact that everyone likes La Grade. Even from Greece is there no opposition. Germany and France enjoy her. The small European member states enjoy her. So from a political perspective, she is a great thing.

So what monetary policies can we expect?

On the background of La Garde can’t we find out many monetary policies. But what makes you think the destructive policies will end? Is there any real indication that this is going to end? No there is no indication.

But there other things what we can see and should prepare for. Something which is very destructive for society.

The ECB is pushing harder and harder against cash money. This is something which is destructive for society. The push for digital money takes the ECB to a completely new set of control.

They are selling the concept of digital cash to enhance privacy. Think about this. How will this help protect your privacy? How will this ever support it? Some inefficient organization is having complete control over your money is great for privacy?

Another bad thing the ECB is going to push for is a complete disaster. It is the introduction of Europe wide government bonds. Bonds that will be used to finance all government expenses. So the ineffective and failing France government is going to be compensated and paid for by the people of Germany, Finland, and The Netherlands.

This is just another incentive for more government spending. The spending which is at the moment keeping the Southern European economy alive. But this is not sustainable for the long run.

So it is to be expected that the ECB will continue with its destructive policies. Hurting the savers of society. This path is a path of destruction

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