If we look at global trade than we see something which resulted in less poverty and more innovation. It is less popular and less predictable. This is because of the fact that bureaucrats and central bankers (they are the same) are not really understanding global trade.

The lack of intellectual competence of central bankers simply leads to the misunderstanding of what happens. This is a very dangerous thing, as people vote with there money. Unfortunately, they vote upon people who fail economics and monetary policies. It is like letting a baby run a country and the finances of the next generations. This exactly explains the problem the world is in right now.

When we look at international trade than we see that money, and so monetary theory is crucial for long term success. Slight changes in monetary policy result in profit or loss. Next, to this, we need to keep in mind that money is the best method for exchange. The exchange of workers time, so the worker can produce certain goods with economic value. The capital goods which are resulting in higher output, lower prices and more customer satisfaction.

When we look at what happens with these profits than we see that it is being used in the most profitable method. Around the world. This could be via trade finance, via foreign direct investment or in a public-private partnership. All projects which are creating sustainable jobs and economic value.

If we look at the past decades than we saw the integration between monetary policies and trade. Via central banks, the governments were interacting and influencing the free trade flow. This caused imbalances in trade and caused unsustainable flows.

With the election of the European Parliament and the Presidential election cycle in the United States being started we simply need to keep this in mind when we vote. It is time to get the unbalanced out of the trade flow.