The government intends to manage your income. They do so to reduce income inequality. But they have a massive problem with this. This is the fact that income is measured in the national currency. A currency that is inflated away.

So think about this. The production is measured in your currency. So to keep up with the income you will need to have your income to go up with the inflation. Inflation figures are dodged by the central banks. They manipulate it towards the preferred statistics.

So there are some very important things not included in this. How many people have a job? How many people are kept off government welfare programs by spreading the wealth? What to do with the things we can’t measure in the fiat, so worthless, currency?

What if 1 parent quit the job and raise the child? They educate it from home and have the benefit of a very good future. Well, this is not included?

Let’s make it even worse. Homeschooling means some resources are untapped in the educational marketplace. So when that happens the child is out of government control. I’m pretty sure that this is one of the reasons governments do everything do discourage homeschooling.

Would it be bad for the future of society when many people decide to homeschool the kids? Well, it simply means a massive statistical drop in income and productivity. At the same time is the future earnings potential raised by very good trained children.

The same happens when people cut down on the hours they work. But many people hate the work they are doing. so when they stop working or work fewer hours their happiness level increases. At the same time are there other economic benefits of retired people. They have the time to travel. If their retirement money is not ruined or made worthless they could live a society up. They do so with consumer spending.

So the future outlook is more dodged statistics. More fraud from the government and more private limitations. Does that sound to you as a nice future? Well if not you better get ready for it.

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