The gig economy is disrupting the world. Industries that where considered rock solid and stable are taken over by innovative firms. Or by people who have the opportunity to make some money on the side. Just think about it for a moment. You have a car and time over. You can make money by bringing someone away. You have a spare room and someone wishes to stay in your town, you can make some money on the side.

The government is not happy with this. After all, is it best for the government when all goes within there plans. This is not the case with the disruptive gig revolution. So governments around the world are active against it. New laws and legislation are put into place.

A good example of this is California. One of the most leftist states within the United States. Also, a state that is technically bankrupted. Is there a relation between this? Off course!

New California legislation is put in place to arrange something easy. All freelancers and gig workers need to get the same benefits as employees who are on the payroll.

The intention was clear. When a uber driver gets less money, due to lower demand, than a traditional cap driver there is some unfair competition. So this disruptive innovation should be terminated. At least in the eyes of bureaucrats and politicians. Who are normally in bed with traditional industries.

But now we come at some unintended consequences. so it seems bureaucrats and politicians didn’t think about the policies properly. Which is no surprise to me?

This effects those who should keep politicians and bureaucrats accountable. I refer to the journalists. Many media are depending on freelancers. They get paid by worth for articles. They now need to get paid as the expensive by the hour journalist. So what is happening?

Well, media outlets are simply hiring out of state freelancers. Not doing pieces or removing operations outside California. But who are the victims of this government failure? Yes, it is the freelancers. They no longer have the opportunity to make money and serve their customers.

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