Paul Krugman is one of the most famous economists in the world. He is a New York Time bestselling author. His column is widely read. Personally, I call Krugman nothing more and nothing less than a destroyer of nations.

Krugman opposes the Bush tax cuts. He opposes the Trump tax cuts. I’m interested to see why. If they oppose the tax cuts they will favor the tax rate of 70%. That’s literally destroying a nation with enslaving high taxation.

If you look at the Krugman New York Time columns we see nothing more and nothing less than pure propaganda for the leftist people of the USA. He supports Cortez new green deal. Which comes with a tax rate of 70%.

Ongoingly Krugman declares Democratic economic advisors as experts. What they say is correct. That they favor tax rates which vary between the 70% and 80% is something which is good. So for every 100 USD, you make you will pay 80 to the government.

The excuses for stealing so much of people money is that the society as a whole will benefit from it. But which government programs do really work? Look at the foreign development aid. It is not solving poverty. Look at how politicians are solving poverty at home. The poverty is increasing. So it is not working. Why not stop doing with something which is not working?

So it is time to take action. At least if you love your money. Please take a moment and think about this. When the tax rate will be 70% to 80% are you enjoying this concept? If the answer is no simply taking a moment to order the tax-free passport report.

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