It seems to be the case that every Democrat is planning to take up President Trump. with the chances of President Trump to be re-elected we need to realize that his re-election is all depending on the economic recovery, after the crisis of 2019. Due to the fact that the President of the USA is one of the most important people in the world, it is important that we look at the policies the candidates propose.

One of the more popular proposals is to subsidize rental. This due to the fact that many American households are struggling to make rent and to get financially ahead. Although it is an interesting idea to do so we need to realize that those subsidies will simply mean additional money for landlords. Well, voters think they get a freebie all I see is a new source of revenue for those with the right political influence.

When we look at the proposed tax cuts I must admit that I’m always supportive of any tax cuts. But here we see tax cuts for only those with a low income. Why not simply abolish the tax for everyone?

As you know I’m a strong opponent of any taxation. I think everyone should be allowed to keep the money they earn. Government employees should be thankful for the extortion fees people pay. Yes, extortion fees. That is another word of taxation.

Why not do like me and simply stop paying tax? It is a sensible thing to do. So take the tax-free passport report as your starting point.

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