You have the right to set rules on your private property. But this is not the case when it comes to government property. When this public property consists of the majority of the society we are in a problem.

The problem is that the state needs to grant access to everyone. This is a problem when people are looting and rioting. If you own it you can simply deny them access to it. You can stand up and protect your property. That is exactly what a brave family did when Black Lives Matter went on with plans to loot there house. It was the perfect example of the need for guns for everyone.

But you are in bad luck if you have your house, shop / small business near a government-owned public space. The government is not providing you with any security. When the rioting and looting happen they will do nothing. They will go after you when you are protecting yourself.

There is quite some sympathy with civil servants with the black lives matter looters. They like the idea of more redistribution. More regulation and destruction.

Best would be to simply end government control over public spaces.

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