Luxembourg is a very small country. The economy is very open and no one can say that the immigrant workers are treated badly. But it has an unprecedented side effect: 43% of the people living in Luxembourg is not allowed to vote.

This comes due to the fact only Luxembourg people are allowed to vote. This is something that is considered unfair. But not to me. I consider it fair.

This case is interesting to look at citizenship and residence. Citizenship is something completely different than a residence. Just think about it for a second. Immigrant workers have an employment contract, entered into a lease contract for housing. They are contributing to society.

We could state that the success of the Luxembourg economy comes due to the fact that it is an open economy. The small country is remarkably successful.

With the increased popularity of the nomad lifestyle and immigrant working, we need to take a close look at what sets your residence.

if we look at what determines your residence than it is in most case just about where you are born. Where you had military services, where your children are born and if you become a member of a Monarch family.

A relatively new method is by making a real estate investment or donation. This is being done, mainly, by small island nations. They seek foreign investment and as a return, citizenship is granted.

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