TikTok is the Chinese social media success and Trump is pushing for it to become an American firm. The European Union is also doing investigations. The rumor is that Microsoft will buy TikTok.

If you think the data gathered is not important. After all, is TikTok just about teenagers singing and dancing, are wrong. Data is the new Gold. It is pushing revolutions. Earlier I wrote about the British supermarket chain. Based upon data they could figure out if you are pregnant when you are expected for delivery and the gender of your baby. Due to the purchase of 25 things.

So with data can you do a lot of things. Things we are not aware about.

If Microsoft purchases it then the firm expands its social network activities. Never forget that Microsoft already owns LinkedIn. So then they have the teenagers dancing and the only social network that delivers income opportunities.

But it is, in reality, the coming collapse of the USA. That is what it is really about. Why is President Trump now going after the highly popular social network WeChat? Owned by Tencent? It is a bit like Twitter. But with fintech division.

Sooner or later will this collapse happen? When it happens it is too late. Unless you are prepared.

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